Joining QlikTech!

24 June 2013

It’s with mixed feelings I’m writing this. I have been with presis! as a Front-end Developer for a bit more than three years. This dynamic, environmentally focused company has been my safe haven where I was given the chance to develop myself both as someone who code, but also as a person who takes responsibility, take chances and trust my talents. I wouldn’t be where I am without those people, and I’m going to be forever grateful for that.

When I first started hanging out with them, I was the person who didn’t even accept a slice of pizza on an after-work event because I wasn’t an employee. I’m happy to say that the time and encouragement they gave me has paid off. I loved working there, even if I didn’t have the time to work as much as I wanted to on my passion—open-source stuff.

Starting July 1st, I will join QlikTech’s ranks as a Lead Front-end Developer, with a big focus on open-source (“Open Sourcerer”)! I will spend time evangelizing open-source internally and make sure we also contribute back to the community at large. I will also be working with open-source strategies and keep myself and my co-workers up-to-date with the community which means spending time on conferences, being involved in the projects we use and help evolving internal knowledge as well as keeping an eye out on new exciting stuff for us to use and contribute to.

I’d like to thank my old colleagues on presis! for their trust, encouragement, and love. It’s a company I’ll miss and never forget.

Some of the lovely "presisare". Photo courtesy of Martin Lundhgren.

Tack presis och mina vänner, lycka till! Jag kommer att hålla ett getöga på er!

— Andrée